About Us

HorizonIRs are applied innovation experts ready to help you succeed.   We have worked on the inside and from the outside of companies that use IR and for companies that create the engines that deliver IR.  This puts us in a unique position to help your organization see its horizon in this area as well as establish success in achieving it.

Applied is an important word for us and our customers.  We don’t just espouse future visions, we help our customers see it, plan it, and make it happen.   We will meet you where you are today and help you create a strong strategy and actionable plan, manage VR/IR projects inside your organizations and even roll up our sleeves and help you create the IR/VR/AR solutions for your users.

Our HorizonIRs come from, have lead, have trained and have created strategy plans and designed immersive solutions for some of the most successful organizations in the world.  We have worked in Government, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Financial, Education, Construction, Consulting and other markets.  On average, we have 25-years of applied innovation technology experience and 15 or more years in IR, VR, AR.  We know solutions are complex, especially when simplicity is the goal.  We have decades of unified collaboration technology and methodology expertise as well as deep information security knowledge.

We know it isn’t about cool tech – it is what the tech can do for your organization’s customers, partners and associates.  We know your leaders are busy and need help with vision and planning.  We get that you need TCO, cost/benefit analysis, value proposition and end user satisfaction assessments.  We are enterprise and global thinkers around applied IR.