New Customer Service Process

A LARGE Financial Institution Rapidly Launching a New Customer Service is Aided by Immersive Reality

The End Goal: the Financial Institution wanted to establish a new, cost-effective and rapid way to prepare its world-wide branch associates quickly for new service roll-outs

The Main Challenges:

  • Branch Associates are experts but new financial offerings are complex to deliver – new concepts, new software, new paperwork, new engagement techniques with customers
  • New services usually launch globally – at all branches world-wide on the same day – getting everyone can be a step effort
  • Training usually covers paperwork, process and software via a “screen share” training class since in-person training would be cost prohibitive and drop branch productivity ….but screen share techniques make it very difficult capture the context of “over all” how to provide new services
  • Filming the way a new service is to be offered is far better but, it is expensive to hire AV, actors and more, can never be reused for other training goals and does not provide contextually accurate “practice” tools

Immersive Reality Impact Delivered in Weeks – not months or years!branch3

  • Less than 1 month: The HorizonIRs co-create a script with the Financial Institution SME in days and the reflective virtual branch set is ready for filming, including:
    • A set of virtual branch locations
    • A set of customer and branch associate avatars
    • The required animations, with the new service software and paperwork examples are added
  • Less than 1 week: Filming takes only days & is done entirely within the 3D immersive virtual bank – no disruption to ongoing business
    • The training video provides full contextual training – when to do what, how to use the new software and do the right paperwork, etc.
  • Simultanious global Training: The Training is deployed to all branches simultaneously via placement on an internal website; requiring no associates to learn to use the 3D environment
  • The 3D virtual branchs used is enhanced and provided for practice by associates if desired – these enhancements modeled difficult areas in the new service such as unruly customers or missing paperwork

Real Value from Immersive Reality

This work saved us close to $100K in training costs and can be reused with small tweaks.  It put the changes in a work context in a way other training tools couldn’t.  It has opened our eyes in the use of Immersive and Virtual Reality.  We’ll be looking to do more.”  VP, Project Leader.

  • The Bottom Line:
    • this work saved the Financial Institution significant funds over traditional training creation,
    • was considered “enjoyable and engaging training” by associate and
    • was reusable so its cost for use in follow on use is even lower.
  • Beyond This TCO:
    • the virtual branch environment can be reused for other training for different service changes AND can be used with real customers as a true virtual branch over time (with live video and more)
Note: Client name not shared by request of client & locations show are examples only.