IR/VR for Learning & Training

Immersive STEM & Cyber Security – Strategy & Prototyping

Zeeko is an innovative, Irish firm focused on teaching elementary school children how to be smart and safe as they use technology today.Find your Chatbudi

  • Zeeko’s End Goal: Establish an affordable and innovative immersive/virtual reality experience used by schools across Ireland to help teach children across Ireland about Cyber Safety
  • The First Step: Analysis of immersive engagement options with clarity around key requirements as well as early prototyping

Zeeko’s Challenges:

  • Most elementary school are rescource constrained and have limited budgets for necessities – so…new programs need to be affordable
  • Many of the teachers have limited technology expertise
  • The above challenges add complexity to keeping Zeeko’s software content up to date in the ever changing world of Cyber Safety for kids
  • Security is critical for any environment used by or with children
  • Zeeko needed to quickly build expertise, attract clients and investors to grow their market with an Immersive learning experience

unityzeekoforwebsite1The HorizonIRs Impact:

Within weeks, the client had the VR vision & prototypes to share with investors and prospective schools.  The HorizonIRs lead team had.

  1. delivered significant IR/VR knowledge transfer to Zeeko thought leaders
  2. gathered, analyzed, and synthesized Zeeko’s IR/VR requirements, options and insights to help address challenges and guide their IR/VR work and
  3. designed & created, via agile teamwork, with and Hive-RD, three different Immersive Reality solution prototypes

“The HorizonIRs contributions have significantly accelerated Zeeko’s capability to move into the delivery of Cyber Safety learning experiences in virtual reality.  I would highly recommend adding a HorizonIR to your company strategy to services in Immersive or Virtual Reality.  They will improve your chances of success dramatically.” Joe Kenny – Zeeko CEO