Solution Design, Planning and Creation

Immersive Reality / Virtual Reality Solution Services

For more than 10 years, our HorizonIRs have lead or contributed to concepts, designs, creation, pilots and full production of successful IR / VR capabilities.  We know this is a vastly different end user experience – we understand what immersion means to design.   We will translate all of our experience into support for your goals. This work breaks into three primary areas to help you establish your IR/VR goals.


HorizonirsDesignSolutionServicesSolution Design 

Our services can move you from over all solution goals to pilot and production deployment.  We use flow, storyboard and persona (end user clarity) establishment techniques.   We work in an agile agile fashion together with your team to iterate rapidly to help establish the user experience that will best server your users and meet your goals.   Our solution design work usually includes visual prototyping to help your thought leaders”see” early to mature versions of what they are envisioning.  This process ensures the design is guided by your input and that your options are clear.  Our team can support you with business case and Total Cost of Ownership (TC)) input if desired, to help you with Sr. decision makers and budgeting.

For IR/VR, the work in the end user experience is highly critical.  There are many aspects including gamification, look & feel, branding, flow, and others. It is layers of design area not just HMI on a website.   Your VR/IR solution also needs to fit into your other engagement services as well.  How your IR/VR service fits with your in place video or social computing services and strategy for example can be highly critical.  We have done significant work in highly regulated and security focused industries as well.  We will walk your team thru decisions in these areas.  HorizonIRs also brings our inclusive design experience to the table for our customers.

Solution Creation ServicesHorizonirsCreationServices

These services focus on the creation of your IR/VR solution, whether it is a pilot, next MVP (minimal viable product) or beyond.   In our Solution Design work, we create rough prototypes.  This step refines that work to take the sketches of vision to its initial or next step readying it for deployment.

The user experience is implemented and often includes aspects of multi-media and gaming.  We work with your team on the technical architecture and implementation with your team including: servers set up, security, scripting, connections, and logging. .  We have done significant work in highly regulated and security focused industries as well.  We work with your technology teams at the right level of support to fit your skills and needs.

HorizonirsDeploymentServicesSolution Pilot/Production Deployment Support 

As your VR/IR services go pilot or into production we continue to provide support to help p make your deployments a success.    Based on your goals,  we can provide knowledge transfer and transition management to your team and identify the right level of support you need to deliver and update the services created.

New services are an investment and they are not only technology, they are a shift in culture and marketing and many other areas.  This all hits the bottom line and all organizations today must stay focused to ensure highest return on their investment in new services and innovations.  HorizonIRs will help you keep your eye on leveraging IR/VR across your business and with your customers and clients.  At HorizonIRs we have found that there are a a myriad of goals customers want to satisfy, each with unique aspects but there are many similarities.  We will bring our strategic processes and these insights to your team.

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