Vision and Strategy Services

Immersive Reality Vision and Actionable Strategy


At HorizonIRs, we understand your goals are driven and strategies controlled by many important factors including: competitive advantage, information security policies and market needs. We will meet your organization where you need us most to prepare you for the effective use of the engagement advantage that Immersive and Mixed Reality collaboration and tools can deliver.

Organizations use software and methodology to get things done, to meet the needs everyone involved – to improve their current services, and provide new ones. HorizonIRs strategy services will focus the applied use of Immersive Reality within your ecosystem of tools and methodologies. We help establish use case roadmaps that put the “why” front and center.

Your organization does not need to be first in market to use Immersive Reality; you need to be effective and smart about your use of Immersive Reality. We work with our clients uncovering what virtual reality, virtual worlds, augmented reality and more can deliver to your organization. These realities drive the Immersive Reality and Virtual Reality Strategy and Roadmap work for our clients. We use a 4-step process to deliver these services. Throughout these steps, we work with our clients to encourage ongoing agile prototyping work. See our VR design and creation services.

Step 1: Strategy Prep via the HorizonIRs VR Ideation Workshops

We utilize familiarity workshops that present not only the state of the art in immersive reality and virtual reality, but also covers numerous ways in which Immersive Reality and Virtual Reality are and can be used today at Organizations around the globe. It is critical to insert these use cases into your thinking process and kick start your clarity around the impact of this new engagement type.  See our VR Ideation Workshop Services.

horizonirs-services      Step 2: Fit to Firm Efforts 

  • Cross-Organizational VR Impact Input – We work with your teams to collect known and untapped ideas in how Immersive Reality might provide value to your organization. This work is tailored to your needs and can range from a series of meetings with different groups in your organization to ideation meetings and campaigns.
  • User Needs Assessment – We are becoming more familiar with your culture, ideas and needs during this step while we aid in your discovery to identify the impact immersive reality use cases that may deliver great value to your organization.
  • Readiness Analysis – We work with your teams to uncover your readiness stance for the impact use cases uncovered and others if they arise.  This work is critical and as consultants, we can be objective about what is needed and what is not viable due to your environments. With the use cases in mind we assess your organizations readiness for them with respect to:
    • Skills, Knowledge and Culture,
    • IT, InfoSec, Compliance, Processes and Operations,
    • Main users targeted and their needs,
    • Financial viability and
    • Other aspects

Step 3: Roadmap Development

We work thru the gathered input, insights and organizational goals and marry that with that is available in the market today and where the market is headed to develop a truly actionable multi-year road map for your organization. Our Roadmap work creates an actionable, clear as possible set of recommendations, including both what you should address along side with the which and when of impactful use cases to pilot and deploy to create value for your organization and its clients.

Step 4: VR Launch Support Services

At this step help you continue to clarify the TCO (total cost of ownership) and the Benefits of those ongoing pilots and production headed VR projects. Here we act as part of your team or assist with the establishment of successful VR rollouts.   We help keep you on your roadmap and keep the roadmap alive and evolving properly. This work varies by client needs and goals. We also provide VR solution design and implementation services – Click to read more about our solution design and implementation services.