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It is not about the cool tech...

It is about what the cool tech can do for an organization and its customers, partners and associates.

HorizonIRs was created to help our clients harness XR from Virtual Worlds to AR, VR and 3D gaming, something we have been doing for years.    This work has touched over 30 organizations on the inside and from the outside, large and small, focused on the planning for and use of XR for business, education and organizational goals.  And, we are just getting started.   

HorizonIRs Values:  Applied, Bottom-Line, High Consequence, Create Knowledge

Applied is an important word for our work.   We don’t espouse visions of XR, we help our clients see it, plan it, and make it happen.   We will meet your organization where it is today and help you move forward with XR technologies.  Bottom-line based strategy that is actionable and well budgeted.  Our clients are usually reaching for high consequence impact, when they reach out to XR, to change their market, increase their efficiencies, improve engagement, add innovation... we help make it happen.   We believe our clients should own the knowledge they pay us to create, so we work hard to educate our clients so they own their XR vision.  

We get that you need TCO, cost/benefit analysis, value proposition and end-user satisfaction assessments.  We are enterprise and global thinkers in applied XR for learning, teaming, working, hiring, selling and wayfinding and more.


Julie LeMoine

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Julie LeMoine, is a 30-year Technovator, spent the last 15 years working with over 30 organizations to raise awareness, help create plans and deliver solutions based on 3D engagement across many market segments from Education, Government, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Financial, Construction, Consulting and other organizations.   Prior she was the customer solution lead and  CEO of a 3D Virtual World software platform company.   Prior, Ms. LeMoine founded and ran the Center for Applied Collaboration at Fidelity Investment, where she set strategy, created analysis, and multi-year planning and pilots for new and innovative engagement and global collaboration techniques for their 75,000 employees and millions of customers.  Ms. LeMoine has designed and lead the deployment of 3D engagement solutions for Universities,  Gov't Agencies and for corporates and organizations from small pilots to up to 100s of 1000s of users.   Her XR solutions scale, can be secured, fit organizational culture goals and are tied to bottom line revenue and budget goals. 


Ms. LeMoine has been named in the top 101 Woman in VR, a top 10 Woman to Watch in Technology and Science in New England, is a frequent speaker at conferences, has co-founded 5 companies, is an IRC Scholarship Awardee sponsored by Microsoft in her Ph.D. research in Applied AR In Healthcare and Autism at UCD, is a visiting scholar at UMass Medical School..

Dr. Anja Jutraz is a global architect with a PhD in Urban Planning using 3D Virtual Worlds and works with BlendHorizon projects that focus on Urban Planning and healthy living / working space extensions into virtual space.   Dr. Anja is the co-founder of the CityView 3D project with Ms. LeMoine, a project focused on the increased engagement of Citizens in Urban Planning via the use of 3D technology.  Dr. Anja works with BlendHorizon on select projects.  Dr. Anja and Julie have been working, writing and presenting for over 5 years in this critical area of applied innovation.

Anja  Jutraž

CoFounder CityView Project PhD Urban Planning with 3D


Our clients and our partners make us great! We proudly partner with and use technology from with the following organizations.

De Landra World Creations bring exceptional artistry and creativity to all aspects of our XR client solutions. 

The  Sinespace API is a premier virtual world platform built using the Unity game engine.

Horizon Campus and Offices and many of our custom solutions are built on the Sinespace API and hosted on the Sinespace platform.

dotEnterprise is an expert in the software development for 3D immersive environments.  They are a HorizonIRs solution creation partner and provides expert SW development on many of our custom 3D creations and tools. 

Unity  is the worlds most used 3D game engine.  HorizonIRs uses the Unity game engine in many of our solutions

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