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CityView© XR Project

Citizen Engagement in Urban Development & Renewal  Projects via 3D Serious Gaming, AR, VR and VWs.

Engaging citizens and other stakeholders in urban planning, design and construction process have long been considered critical for good practice in urban planning and design.   And, yet, theirs is most often the missing voice in the equation. 

The evolution of immersive reality and multiplayer gaming engines have created an opportunity for an interface for greater engagement in urban (re)design and construction process in the neighborhood or the city where we all live or visit.

The critical stakeholders will all benefit from what is now possible with immersive engagement for all over the duration of public and private construction projects.   The project can start at any stage of your city or town's construction project and can provide benefit to all stakeholder if desired.

Click here for more information on this exciting project for cities and towns to use 3D and gaming to reach out to its citizens and aid their city planners, public servants and professionals in the AEC industry.

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