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Financial Services: 3D Gaming Rapidly Enables

High Consequence, Global Training

CLIENT NEED:  A global Financial Institution needed a cost-effective and rapid way to create and deploy training for new service being offered to high network customers.​  This training needed to made sense and quickly train over 1,200 associates world wide.

Immersive Reality Impact Delivered in 7 Weeks – not 6 months or a year!

  • Within 5-weeks: The Horizon-IRs team had:

    • co-createed a training script with the Financial Institution SME that reflective the process,

    • created a generalized 3D virtual branch that reflected the Client's brand and braches and an HQ call center location,

    • created set of customer, branch associate and HQ expert avatars and

    • designed the required animations.

  • In 1 week after: The Horizon-IRs team had:

    • Filmed, recorded voice overs, and post-produced the footage to create a 6-minuet training video based on the proper process defined by the Financial Institutions SME for this new complex service.

  • In 1 Day, all branch associates are trained: The training movie was placed on an internal website, accessible by all branch associates were shown a contextually accurate movie that covered the entire process of delivering this new service, from the way to engage with customers, to the new Software, to when and why to call the HQ experts in and more.

Real Value from Immersive Reality: Rapid, high consequence training

  • The training video provided fully contextual training – when to do what, how to use the new software and do the right paperwork, etc.

  • Simultaneous global Training was achieved, training was considered "enjoyable and engaging" by associates

  • Entire project was under 100K, took less than 7 weeks

  • Reuse & Extensibility: because Horizon-IRs used 3D game engines

    • the 3D Virtual Branches and HQ Call Centers created are reusable for other training areas as well as offer live practice engagement training for associates if desired – this area enabled training even in difficult areas such as managing unruly customers or missing paperwork and

    • the virtual branch environment can be extended and used with real customers as a true virtual branch over time (with live video and more)

“This work saved us thousands in training costs and can be reused with small tweaks.  It put the new process in a work context in ways other training tools could not provide.  It has opened our eyes in the use of Immersive and Virtual Reality.  We’ll be looking to do more.”  VP, Project Leader.

Note: Client name not shared by request of client & locations show are examples only.


Main Challenges:

  • Branch Associates were experts but this new financial offering was complex, with new concepts, new software, new paperwork, new engagement techniques with customers and required conversation with experts at HQ for every sale!

  • Global launch - this new service was launching globally to beat competitors – at all branches, world-wide on the same day – getting everyone at every branch up to speed quickly was critical.

  • Alternative training methods did not fit the need:

    • In-person training would have been time and cost prohibitive,

    • the complex service made it difficult to properly train via screen share training and

    • current processes in creating training films were both cost prohibitive (writers, actors, directors, post production...), would take too long, and would result in a static training film - if changes in the process, software, language translation, or other areas were required, the utility of the training film was reduced and the expenses increased.  

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