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XR Healthcare: Multi-user 3D, VR and AR Experience Innovation 

CLIENT GOALS: ERT’s Innovation Lab, a healthcare solutions provider focused on reducing risk and data collection in clinical trials wanted to

•Educate its associates, partners and clients about the advances coming to the industry as a result of 3D, AR and VR technology,

•Learn by doing - create the companies first XR engagement experience that covered all three techniques and

•Add AR, VR and 3D gaming to its reputation as an industry innovator 


Main Challenges:

  • •Although expert in mobile applications the use of 3D serious gaming, AR and VR was new territory for the company

  • •Budgets were limited, but marketing wanted something high impact for demos to clients & shows

  • •Wanted deep branding and customizations and to feature their new innovative medical device

HorizonIRs gamifies its AR, VR and Serious Gaming Ideation Workshop

•Worked with client to brand the introductory portion of the HorizonIRs workshop.

•Designed 1st ever use of AR, VR and Internet delivered Serious Gaming engagement demo storyline

•Created high fidelity 3D equipment object with use animation – illustrating the use of AR and VR as well as the new device as part of the story line

•Developed and installed SW apps for HoloLens and Samsung smartphones for use during tradeshow demos and with associates, partners and client

•Established and supported online access accounts with client logo branded, downloadable 3D viewer for PC and Mac users

•multi-player so staff or reps can take accompany clients and others through the experience

•has a fully client branded 3D innovation lab with greeter bots to aid self-guided tours if desired

•available 7X24 via the Internet, with security access control to manage entry

•is modifiable/extensible as needed with updates possible as often as daily to add new content or experiences

Real Value from Immersive Reality

  • Groundbreaking innovation tying AR, VR and 3D online gaming together for demonstrations and high impact engagement and learning 

  • Platform to build and extend the project as well as for potential use by ERT clients.

“This was a great innovation project.  HorizonIRs is truly visionary and worked with us on all areas.  We learned, our clients learned.  Our Marketing team got an impressive demonstration set.  All 3 apps came in under $60K and done with in 6 months.” Karin Beckstrom, ERT Innovation Labs

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