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Blended Workspace - Mixed Medium XR for Global Analytics

CLIENT NEED:  A global Company needed to improve its decision maker access to its market analysis data and experts.   

Time is money for global companies, and for one of the top 100, their conference rooms with video conferencing and desktop screen sharing were not providing the level of ease and engagement they wanted when they needed to connect their busy global decision makers and buyers to their experts.

Main Challenges:

  • Decision makers and executives are out of the office more often than in it.  This means access to video conferencing rooms with others is limited.

  • Desktop video and screen share endpoints work but, are extremely limited in their abilities to create engaging discussions that require multiple thought leaders to make decisions.

  • Switching context was taking too long between meetings.  The setup and take down of the HQ and office telepresence rooms could take as much as 30 mins - in a field where time is money and data mining expertise is expensive - this was too long to keep executives and decision makers waiting and a waste of conference room access.

Blended Telepresence.PNG

Innovative Solution: Blended Conference Rooms - HorizonIRs puts 3D Game Engines Behind the Scenes

  • The innovative solution created by HorizonIRs established a set of 3D immersive rooms one for each critical area/market segment.  These 3D immersive subject rooms had a standard set of screens that would always be kept current by the data expert.

  • Many decision makers, especially senior executives are not comfortable with 3D and are located at a corporate office - the created solution enabled such individuals to use conference room telepresence, hiding the use of the 3D Game Engine technology behind touch screens.

Impressive Results:

  • several blended conference rooms set up within 6 months - this time mainly spent on physical set up of space, Immersive meeting rooms were established in 1 month

  • 7X24 access to immersive rooms for data experts meant they could keep their data current for access at a moments notice as needed.

  • the solution blends seamlessly within physical conference rooms

  • Instant on - no more 30-minute wait to get data onto conference room screens or the like, simply go to a different virtual room.

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