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Strategy / Planning

  •  Impact XR Consulting – get your XR strategy rolling

This effort is part guidance, part consulting services.  The result creates a vision and actionable multi-year roadmap.  We guide your decision makers and innovative thought leaders through a series of exercises to help assess the best fit, near-term use of various XR use cases for their organizations and goals. This effort is delivered via workshop and consulting.  It creates shared discussions and consensus building for possible use cases and pilots.  It also creates an early strategy and planning deliverable.

  • Design Ideation – speed up your XR goals and design process

These custom efforts are co-designed with your thought leaders and SMEs. These can include events such as Ideation, Affinity, virtual hackathon or other sessions can help your teams work through their concepts and design input quickly as well as identify their concerns with end-user focus topics as well as with technology.  We work with your team to create the right kind of design ideation as well as create the deliverable focused as you need.  

Workshops and consulting to rapidly educate and draft your XR or Immersive and Virtual Reality vision and roadmap:

  • XR Zero to Hero Workshop – get your team up to speed on XR terminology and value fast!

This workshop will take your Executives and other great minds through the topic of Immersive and Virtual Reality from concept to use case possibilities quickly. This workshop includes elements of hands-on, to demystify as well as help establish comfort in discussing and making decisions in this emerging game-changing area.   The workshop can be held in person or in a virtual meeting space (with pre-training for ease of use). The workshop can vary from 2 hours to 2 days, based on your goals.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

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