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Gamification, Immersive Reality, Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Meet your next gen work & learning engagement upgrade

Ready for a 3D Immersive campus or office space?  If you are already to roll out a classroom or an organizational meeting space or just want to try it, we have corporate and university campus settings ready to be branded and rolled out for your needs.  Click here for more information on the Horizon Campus and Office services.

Ready to get cracking on your VR/IR strategy and multi-year roadmap plans, manage VR/IR projects and establish these solutions?  We have worked for years with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit entities, schools, and government organizations to put collaboration and immersive technology to work.  Our client work has spanned industries such as education, healthcare, consulting, energy and real estate, entertainment and construction.  We will put this knowledge to work for you.  Click here for more information on our workshops and strategy services and here for more on our creation to deployment Immersive Reality project support.

Time to get your organization ready to be successful with

3D engagement!


  • Do you have your strategy set and your action plan defined?

  • Does your roadmap make clear the best use of 3D gaming and Immersive Reality to

    • cut your costs,

    • increase the pace of learning and retention,

    • increase your productivity,

    • increase revenues and engagement with your clients, customers and associates?

  •  Are you working on the best first pilots or service deployments?... 

Applied 3D technologies and techniques are now affordable for most organizations and with our help you can establish innovation in 3D for your staff, partners and clients.

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